Colmar, a famous Italian winter clothing brand. English translation: colma.

Colmar's predecessor is Mario Colombo & c. SPA factory founded by Italian Mr. Mario Colombo in 1923.

In the first ten years, the production of the factory to wool cap and leg protection, and later committed to the production of work clothes. After the war, with the economic recovery and the development of sports, the company began to develop professional sports clothing, especially ski wear, and thus created the Colmar brand.

Colmar brand has a close relationship and cooperation with Italian winter sports association, providing high-tech and high-quality products for winter sports athletes. During the 1952 winter Olympics, Colmar supplied the Italian ski team with complete equipment. As an opportunity, over the next 40 years, the Colmar brand extended its sponsorship to alpine ski teams, Nordic ski teams, bobsled teams, luge teams, ski jumping teams, and so on.

Today, Colmar has become one of the leading players in the ski apparel market.

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