Ydss famous brand 

 KENZO is a brand founded by Kenzo Takada in France. It combines the calm artistic conception of Oriental culture and the enthusiasm of Latin people. It combines colorful flowers with bold innovation, creating lively, bright, elegant and unique works. Since 1970, KENZO has come to prominence in the fashion industry and joined the LVMH group in 1993. Since then, KENZO's clothing accessories, cutlery and perfume have been widely welcomed.

Target customers :Fashionable trendsetters with certain consumption ability, people who have social status and pursue high-quality life and consumers who can accept new things and have ability to consume on high price.

About ydss:

YDSS has a professional buyer team who also acts as a global agent for many high-end brands. Since foundation, YDSS has aimed to provide customers with multi-brand, multi-level, distinctive style and unique trend sunglasses. Over the years, we have constantly subverted traditions and exploited unlimited possibilities of fashion through various joint names and cross-border cooperation.

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