Brand Profile

RADENODER was born in the power capital of ancient Europe which also the fashionable city - ROME (Rome), Italy. Inspired by the history of ancient Rome, RADENODER fashion designers have seamlessly fused Italy's impeccable dress craftsmanship with the noble and fashionable design ideas, making RADENODER stand out and become a hot and internationally renowned fashion brand. RADENODER is not only the crystallization of creativity, but also the pursuit of the perfect combination of aesthetics and skills. Since its arrival in China, RADENODER, on the basis of the noble quality of Italian dress culture, combined with the unique local cultural background and introverted temperament, has express its style more exquisitely, concisely and smoothly. And RADENODER has accurately convey the cultural connotation of "exquisite life", supplemented by environmental protection fabrics and combined with the comprehensive application of traditional crafts and modern colors, so that get deeper resonance of high-end consumer groups.

Brand Concept

RADENODER Fashion Design is inspired by the fast pace and ever-changing speed of modern society. It has learned the latest Italian fashion elements and the advanced experience of the world's top designers and craftsmen to keep constantly innovation, self- improvement so that to create a unique design style. By using luxurious handicraft and persevering in best quality has made the quality of RADENODER products to the world's top level.

RADENODER has a large number of customers all over the country by virtue of international advanced clothing concept, exquisite tailoring and luxury fabrics. The good corporate culture has nurtured extraordinary brand concepts of mature, classical and leisure, elegance and other good elements fit the leisure style of business office brand. With the expansion which has perfectly matched business leisure style. As the brand extending, more clothing series will be launched one after another to enrich the product structure and meet the needs of different business people in different age.

Target customer’s age: 25-48 years old

Target customers: young urban elites who have fashion and unique taste, and choose leisure, pithy, elegant and peaceful clothes.

Mature men who are free and easy in life, willing to invest in building their own image, pursuing fashion, and showing themselves as self-confidence and calmness, maturity and stability.

Successful urban men who have a sensible consumption consciousness on things that at reasonable price and pursue better things and life at a higher level.

Brand Culture

"RADENODER" men's clothing, including suits, jackets, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, shoes and boots, shows grandeur in each product. With breakthrough in detail design, modern color, style blending traditional and fashionable, and feelings with noble and a little indulgent, RADENODER demonstrates the modern successful men's character of calm and self-confidence, reveal their yearn for success, luxury and comfort, and creates a leisure and elegant lifestyle for them. 

RADENODER has opened up 240 brand chain stores in 30 cities of 15 countries in the world. By 2010, its marketing network has spread over more than 20 provincial capitals in China, where have 50 franchise stores in total. The company expects to have 200 brand chain stores by 2020.







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