Brand introduction

In 2001, the first MINGPINDAMA store opened in New York, USA. Since then, MINGPINDAMA has opened 20 chain stores and 200 authorized stores in Europe and Asia. You can find MINGPINDAMA stores in Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and China. MINGPINDAMA with its unique resource advantages, integrates the international trend into the fashion of women's wear. At the same time, MINGPINDAMA women's wear has formed its own unique style, which has become the trend vane of women's wear and constantly created surprises for women in the new era. We believe that Fashion is not only stay in the pyramid of fashion, but infiltrate every detail of life and we also believe women's beauty is more than one side, our goal is to make obese women calmly cope with the multi-role change in life and to highlighting each woman's unique brilliance.

Brand concept

MINGPINDAMA firmly believes that high-quality products with reasonable prices and top-level services can bring fashionable life ideas to women of all shapes. Meanwhile we believe that with elaborate fine workmanship can achieve harvesting performance and good reputation. MINGPINDAMA brand emphasizes elegant, pithy and convenient clothing and advocates the style of free and suitable, also strive to use the simplest lines and perfect tailoring to achieve the effect of self-cultivation and the style of elegant, pithy, exquisite through fully considering the comfort of wearing! MINGPINDAMA mean to express modern women’s pursuit which is self-confident, optimistic and elegant with life. MINGPINDAMA has become the most attractive fashion large-size brand in most women’s mind! MINGPINDAMA will become a milestone in the brand of large-size women's wear.

Brand Character

The difference between MINGPINDAMA and traditional large-size women's clothing is that we have a team of professional international designers who can add the latest fashion elements to the products and keep pace with the international trend for the first time.

MINGPINDAMA brand will provide you with the best quality service and guidance of clothing selection, we will provide one-stop service to help customers save time and cost.





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