Gifts and Souvenirs business

Yide Fashion Group, which mainly focuses on clothing, also provides luggage and other products which including briefcase, backpack, household suitcase, wallet, suitcase, briefcase, etc., to meet all-round needs of commuting travel, leisure and vacation.

Overseas business

Yide Fashion upholds the concept of people-oriented. In Europe, America and other Europe, we have our own core brand advisory team. They provide professional guidance and suggestions for the company to purchase foreign brands, purchase superior products. The company takes mergers and acquisitions, holding shares as the core way, opens up the overall layout in many regions: based on North China, South China and East China, radiating the whole world. In the new era, the company work with many large enterprises at home and abroad launched a common development of strategic cooperation model with the way of acquisition and agency of internationally renowned brands to create a global brand alliance.

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